Secure Your Child's Future: With Interactive Financial Education

Engaging child-led financial videos, lessons, activities, and quizzes for ages 7 - 21. 


Parent Testimonials

The WorldofMoney is an outstanding financial education initiative. The teachers are awesome,the content is substantial, the practical application is excellent. We strongly encourage you to enroll your children. To augment our ability to accumulate wealth, we must first understand how to formulate plans and strategies that maximize financial security, job creation and business development beginning with our own family. WorldofMoney has greatly impacted our children.

How can we not be GRATEFUL for witnessing our children really understanding what it takes to run our household, how to start from this time in their lives to make sound financial decisions and savvy investments. As a family, we never really budgeted and discussed what we as parents were managing financially. After World of Money, everyone is enrolled in the health and stability of our financial future.

The World of Money Institute has been a mainstay in our children's development as critical thinkers when it comes to financial matters. As our children progressed from Young Moguls to Moguls over the past seven years, they developed a healthy growth mindset, envisioning themselves as prosperous financially responsible citizens, excited to implement principles of earning, saving, investing, and donating in life. In our communities, World of Money should be an essential part of every child's early learning experience, as it clearly plants long-lasting seeds of leadership, entrepreneurship, and wealth building. As steadfast World of Money champions, we look forward to supporting the mission, expansion and continued impact this organization will have in developing alumni that will positively influence our society for years to come.

Claudia Guerra

I couldn’t be happier with my daughter learning, all things personal finance, since the age of nine. This is the value that World of Money brings to our household. World of Money continues to be a significant part of her development and growth. She and many other children are in great hands!

April Horton and Family

World of Money has provided phenomenal experiences for my daughters and the organization has become an integral part of our family -- providing resources and opportunities to ensure we plan for the future. I highly recommend World of Money for families who wish to instill healthy financial habits in their children. As a parent, I am thankful for the skills they have acquired and could not be more grateful for the passionate and engaging staff who create a supportive and safe environment. My daughters and I highly recommend World of Money!

Student Testimonials

Michael Samir
Age 13

In school, I am not taught or get to experience anything like the concepts covered at World of Money--it is such a valuable, one of a kind program. It is essential that my peers and I all know the value of money from a young age. This will better teach us how to spend and save wisely. Instead of just letting my money sit in a piggy bank, I now know of smart ways to help my money grow, from options like investing in the stock market to real estate. World of Money has opened my mind, and taught me crucial financial education that are necessary for everyone to know.

Gabrielle Kone
Age 16

I am absolutely blown away by the amount of financial knowledge I have learned. From creating financial portfolios to developing business plans to investing and selling within the stock market and more! This all happened at the World of Money.

Ryan Henry
Age 15

World of Money is undoubtedly the most informative and valuable institution I have ever attended. I learned basic mandarin, how to give effective pitches, the importance of FICO scores, how stock and bond markets function so I can effectively utilize them to leverage my money, and much, much more. WorldofMoney is remarkably in depth, so I must say this institution really has it all.

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